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Learning process

Hi guys. I am doing the Java one and thats the beginning into the programming for me. However I am finding ways to keep going but sometimes I am getting stucked and I desperately need a human teacher to pass the blockage. I have tried to approach people but basically not many people wants to assume this teacher role. Anybody here experienced the same situation?

6/2/2018 10:44:18 PM


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Everyone experiences the situation of being stuck and unable to move forward at different points in time. Since there arent many people assuming teacher role, here are some ways to pass the blockage: 1. Java courses. Take some time and practice the Java course on SoloLearn. Tap the Try It Yourself and alter the code shown and explained to get a better understanding of what is going on. 2. Google it. Research your questions, chances are that they have been answered. 3. Ask specific questions. Whenever you have a specific problem, ask questions about it. It may have already been answered, so try searching for it on SoloLearn as well. But you will get a better answer than generally asking someone to teach you the entire subject. We are all learning here as well. 4. Take a break. Sometimes all you need is some rest and get your mind off of it. Take a break and be back.


Pretty much this is what I am doing wright now but its very frustrating to get stucked and waste the time with now progress. I was thinking that must be another way which can cut the corners.


Programming requires patience and time. Don't try to rush and cut corners unless you know what you are doing, and since right now is the case that you don't, I suggest you slow down. Like I said before, if you are stuck anywhere, you can use this same Q&A (provided with code for faster help) to ask your questions, and get explanations.


Did you find any place which is better for help I mean any website or forum or something else except SoloLearn


Usually when I need help I google it, or ask questions in sololearn. What do you need help with, exactly?