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[ OFF-TOPIC ]How much you spend a time on coding ?

5/23/2018 12:19:13 PM

Amar Dahake

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Roughly 12-15 hours a day. Some days I switch it up and focus on graphic/design stuff instead so I'm steadily progressing my abilities with that also.


It varies depending upon your priorities and workload.


4-5 hrs a day


is any who do coding for 18 hours a day ?


@Amar Some days I do. It really just depends on what I'm working on. Most times, if you see me programming for 18 hours, it's because somewhere along the way I got stuck on something and am trying to make it work / debug it. When I go into "debugger" mode, I get insanely focused and consumed with what I'm doing. I hate having to shut down for the day if I still have a problem unresolved. The more I can't figure it out, the more interested I become in figuring it out, and so I just keep pushing it without realizing how much time is passing by. I've learn the most about programming during those really long debugging sessions. I never forget how I ended up figuring out the problem, so it's not an issue when faced with similar situations later.


Fata1 Err0r great willpower you works with coffee ?


1 hour daily


30 minute daily


Depends. 2-6 hours a day.


@Amar Dahake Honestly, it has little to do with my willpower. The reality is that programming is something that I had started doing because I love puzzles, logic, and problem-solving in general. I learned it and kept doing it simply for fun because it was something I had passion for, so it was something that was fun to do for me. I didn't even try to make money from it until nearly 15 years after I started learning it, if that says anything. If I didn't have this natural passion for programming, it would have been a nightmare and probably something I would have given up on a long time ago, which is where my willpower would have really shown itself. Since my passion pulls me to it, my willpower doesn't have to push me to it. Either way, thanks for the compliment! I wish I could upload pictures to my post. lol Right now I have 3 large McDonald's coffees sitting right next to me. :D They're my best friend each morning when I get to work. I'm not a morning person, so I'm pretty dead to everyone else in the world for the first few hours that I'm alive each day. Coffee is a wonderful thing. ;) (Unless you meant CoffeeScript, in which case, no I don't work with that.)


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It depends, some days maybe >=12 hours other days maybe 5 mins.


It varies. 10 hours if I’m working on a project I love. 5 hours if I’m working on a project I’m okay with but need inspiration to get me going with. I also code by hand in between times I’m not coding.


I haven't calculated the time yet but I try to give much time!!!