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Hi! i have decided its time to learn code and i have been advised that Java is the easiest and most helpful to learn. i was just wondering what the best way to start is? i would eventually like to be able to programme my own basic ai which i can then install onto my own pc. any help would be great!

5/14/2018 8:53:45 PM

Sam Hillcox

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Ooo thats a pretty cool end goal. A good way to start would be the basics. SoloLearn as you probably already know has a vast collection of languages. After you have learned the basics and have mastered them(<--important step) you can start to experiment and really get that ai up and running. Also know that, although you can breeze through the java course some subjects require alittle more work.😉


just finished uni so i have a bit more time on my hands so i am happy to put in the work! is there anything else i should also be looking at in order to make this a.i that you know of? thanks for your help!