Sololearn's Quality Has Improved

I have been away for sometimes and i must say that the quality of the community has greatly improved the codes coming on these days have been awesome (i did not say COTD), questions are posed around topics not covered have increased and the answers too surprised me quite a few times the lessons and challenges are a great as ever, no comments just one thing that prevents me from recommending Sl's community to organisations when they approach me as solution architect to help funnel investments are the mods

5/14/2018 6:27:20 PM

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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(continued) they do their jobs well, most excellently, they devote their time, which is something quite recommendable as they do it for FREE. they have the required technical knowledge needed. Burey for example is a real life dev. Kuba Siekierzyński is an entrepreneur who has invested much in python and @Ace is a businessman well versed in computer science. Maz is a web dev in whose hands webpages bow. Respectable, responsible and dedicated people. just some decisions and extra curricular activities organised by some individuals render the community unstable. sl can't post a staff at every discord server a mod was childish enough to attack my server, deleting educational channels and kicking members out. and that is only one issue, you can also find others planning events and then put on make-beliefs. don't take things bad, but i want to promote sl in the long run as an open source initiating hub and i want a service beyond reproach. sensible behaviours is recommended Devs != Mods. in other words if you know coding well does not necessarily make you a good Mod. Mods are Sl's Public Relation Officers and their actions bear the shield of Sololearn. Sl leaves a tidbit much control in the hands of mods. this in itself is not something bad as they are doing what paid staffs should be doing but too much and you have non-returning users which means simply ... less money else i'm also for github or any remote versioning control system to help coders. sl is already initiating coders to it at a much deeper level but i'd like it to be more visible and public i believe in sl's syllabus design and firmly support the challenge system, they have done what was possible for a non-local environment. just the input can be troublesome and confusing for beginners thanks Tashi N for edit


Thank you Abdur-Rahmaan for this opinion. Such feedback keeps us motivated 😉


Kind words :) I just removed the off topic label, this is totally on topic ;)


Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer I do not believe that any SoloLearn moderator would consciously "attack" your server. We have had an incident wherein a mod's Discord account was compromised due to a mistake/fault during the development of a Discord bot. The incident was reported to Discord and we've never heard further of the issue ever since. I believe you are stating the same case. Correct me if I am mistaken, for a moderator's integrity is also of our concern and responsibility to maintain.


welcome back bro Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer


Also mods are learner. And being a good mod needs different skills than being a good coder as you said. Here and there I am unhappy with mods but thats the same with the weather. SL is a place for making mistakes and I do accept every mistake which is intentionally not done being harmful. But as well as SLers must be blocked who are continiously not able to apply the main rules of SL, a mod should loose his special permissions, if he cant justify the trust. Attacking a server would be a case for it. All my little unhappinesses with mods are far far far away from being a serious case.


Timon Paßlick not all the mods


I agree with you only if you refer to community else SL system (i say to development in particular) has not improved at all


I also saw many complaints about the mods being too agressive on unofficial servers. Not taking position, just saying.


Depends on the host/platform.