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I'm go back to Sololearn...

I'm go back to Sololearn...and that's why?!! . after 3 month without my smartphone i stop using sololearn ..that is not the reason. the powerfull reason is the time of the national exams less than one month that means ...school first the your talent....not the reverse . So i wish i Will not forgotten the programming language that i learned from Sololearn. (ان شاء الله ) Finally, for concluding this topic I wish to you my there reader the success on your life. #Ismail_Banouigu(gree_hat) Good luck (^_^)

5/10/2018 1:06:12 PM

ismail Banouigu

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Welcome back. Sololearn is completely amazing now😂


welcome back ☺


Hi ismail banouigu, nice to have you back here on SoloLearn. :-) We missed you as hell, together with your valuable contributions to our friendly little community.


welcome back its good to have you back



let's go for a challenge bro ( HTML / JAVASACRIPT )


there is no reason to stop programming , welcome back :)