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Java with OpenGL

Hi Sololearn Family! Im learning java right now.I want to make games in the future.OpenGL is the best way to make 3d or 2d games with java?? And Also to make games C++,C#,java which language is better u think ? For 2d and 3d games.

5/1/2018 9:15:01 AM


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OpenGL is one popular graphics API standard when yes is very good for this but with OpengGL you work on low level graphics, it not abstract you to common game concepts (you have to do most work for build an serious game without considerate that a game is not only graphics)... If you want apply an your idea without go into too low level graphics details, i suggest you to use a game engine (there are most free and conmercials ) while if you want understand the low level part you have to prepare your mind to use more math of common use 😁😁😁


Its up to you to decide which language you wanna use. I dont think too many companies use Java anymore. Alot of companies use C# with Unity (Game engine) or C++ (Unreal Engine). If you want to make your own game engine from scratch just using the OpenGL API then you can use LWJGL (for java Only-contains OpenGL in it), OpenTK (C# only-its like OpenGL but the name is different), or you can use OpenGL in c++. The way its coded in both languages is very alike so if you know how to make a cube in java using opengl there, then youll know how to make a cube in C# and C++. (Basically the technique is not that different except for the syntax) hope this helped