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How can i make an easy game in html ?

4/23/2018 5:11:03 PM


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Good luck! 🍀


@Jax is right you can only make <marquee> scrolling text game with only html.


Okay, that’s very good. So, I am not very experienced in JavaScript. I have finished the SL tutorial but that’s about it. Game development (even simple games) can take a lot of time to develop. I suggest getting a strong understanding of JavaScript and watch tutorials on YouTube. When I started Unity, youtube was my best friend.


Well, I’m HTML alone, this is nearly impossible. In order to make a game, you would almost always need a solid understanding of JavaScript, and possibly even CSS.


i know :))


i'll study javaScript


I would like to add that some math concepts help :) ... Futhermore depends from game complexity you can have need learn other concepts (that are language indipendents)