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Is someone studying for the Microsoft 70-483 certification

I want to start learning for the exam again. I did the exam twice but failed. I know a lot of stuff already but find it hard to study the parts I do not daily use. Is someone also studying for the same exam.

4/18/2018 7:39:57 AM


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What is 70-483? Is it an MTA? I have my MTA Software Development exam next week. I feel prepared and ready, but also slight nervous.


Great you are doing it. It is part of a MCSD.


The are all kinds off questions. All in some sort off multiple choice because You have to reorder code Fill in missing words Choosse correct answer The exam is really hard. It covers a lot of information, in a wide range. A lot of stuff I do not use daily. Also a lot of knowledge questions which you have to answer the way microsoft wants you to. Questions are tricky and you easily choose the wrong answer because of the way the question is asked. You really have to know all the topcis.


Cool. Thanks for sharing. I like the subjects they cover. Some of them I have indepth knowledge of c# and desktop application, some I don't like web applications. Also there is some overlap between the courses.


You say you've taken it already? What sort of questions should I expect? Is it really hard? I've taken a few mock exams and passed, but I've read the real exam is much harder. Actually, I just checked and I'm doing 98-361.