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What is the most used js framework?

I'm going to look for a job next year and I wonder which framework I could study for web app development and web sites. Any opinion will be usefull Link me similar discussions if anybody else asked for this

4/17/2018 2:15:53 PM


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🇳🇬Brains jquery Is a library right??


Top 5⬇️⬇️ angular js react js polymer jquery vue.js


yes Lee See Raa 🤔,i suddenly dont seem sure of myself😂


Lee See Raa 🇳🇬Brains JQuery is definitly a JavaScript framework. In JavaScript you don't have something called a native library, like you have in Java. You import JQuery from an external party and not from JavaScript itself, so it's a framework :)


In my region AngularJS and ReactJS is more useful. You can read: https://hackernoon.com/5-best-javascript-frameworks-in-2017-7a63b3870282


Ali 🇳🇬Brains thank you all. I'm starting from a good knowledge of native js, CSS and html. If I wanted to study react for example, would it be too difficult?


Dimitri just try, such conclusions can only be made after you have tried it. But in my opinion: no it would not be too difficult