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JQuery Tutorial

Hello! i just want to know what you guys think about jQuery Course? I have basic concepts in JavaScript, HTML & CSS, so do you guys recommend me this course or not? Thanks a lot dudes!

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I won't recommend jquery. If you know basic js, just practice and improve your skills


but i have heard that using jQuery will do the same things in JS but with less code, well i meant basic concepts cause i'm not a professional, understand man?


When I started learning some years ago (not in sololearn tho), I actually opted for jQuery before JavaScript as I found it to be less complicated for beginners, and through this, I gradually learned JavaScript.


Go for it if you feel like it, but remember jQuery is a dependency, you'll always have to load the library before its use, plus, new technologies(Vuejs, angular...etc) are way ahead of Jq imo but are very complicated to work with for beginners not to say impossible, and as intricate as it might look, raw JavaScript will always be needed at a point of a time in your project, so you'll have the chance to learn both I guess. If I were you I'd go for it since it makes life easier.




hmm ok man thats awesome! will practice a little bit more with JS, then go for JQ, thanks for answering bro!


So should i try it or later?