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Self Upvote

Although it's not a bug, as it can have some usages as well, its downsides are more than its positive usages. So, isn't it better not to let users Upvote their own contents? Best, Hamed

4/9/2018 5:58:46 AM

Hamed Azimi

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why😂it's just +1 like,this app has other major things to focus on I think this is a very minimal issue


Yeah, I actually do that often to confess. I was beginner, none of people really liked my posts or codes, so I used to self-upvote them to get motivated for the next challenge. That habit has still not left me. I still upvote my own stuff !


I totally agree. An upvote should be a sign of appreciation/approval granted by the one(s) linking your content, not yourself.


🇳🇬Brains a good point of this platform is the "Most Popular" sort order. It comes so handy when you want to use others' knowledge shared in comments or posts. But when Self Upvote is used by beginners, for the first few hours, it lessen the quality of Popular sort order (though as you said and I also agree, this is not so critical comparing to other things)