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Turn Off Challenges

If you are not going to accept challenges in a certain language you can turn off challenges. Nothing sucks more whe someone declines a challenge. If you are that scaredvto accept a challenge then at least have the courtesy to turn them off. You can turn them off from any screen in the app, just click the breadcrumbs at the top right corner and choose settings. Once in there just click on manage weapons. Turn the slider off. thanks

4/5/2018 3:09:26 AM

Tim Millar

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Scared? why you think people scared? is this challenges a sort of serial murderer? don't you even care to consider others had more things to attend or do? you don't suppose everyone play challenges 24/7 right? gotta make a livin', and challenges don't feed hungry mouths. Nothin' sucks more than the time someone thinks they know all the reasons for any event to make judgement. (Edit) Pardon my rather bitter response, no intention to hurt anyone *Peace*


you can manage challenges in the setting and fix according to yourself


tim&jay I know what you mean and I certainly do unferstand how you feel when your challenges get declined. after all, even if you completed the whole challenge in less than a minute, you have put some effort into it. and other person just wastes it. id does suck, byt that's how the game is. we know beforehand that our challenges may get declined. if I get angry over such a declination, I prefer to think that the person has something better to do (like ipang said, making a living/work), perhaps doesn't feel good, sudden problems with children/elderly people/home/school/work... the list can go on and on. if the reason falls in that category, no harm done. I might even thank the other person for declining and not waiting for it to expire and thus filling up your limit. and even if they decline without any reason... "whatever man.. so be it. next one please" *puttin' on sunglasses with cigar in hand* :))


@Tim Millar, I'm sorry if my previous post sounded overreacted, come to read it again @storm was right, you were disappointed about people declining your challenges, and you needed to let it go, however I was also disappointed at how you generalize the reason people don't play challenges (they are scared), so there goes the reason for my previous post. I hope we are cool now, am not into arguments anymore, I am sorry if I offended you. Truth and life can indeed hurts some time... *Peace*


I rarely decline challenges but when I do, it certainly has nothing to do with fear. I decline challenges if: - The same person challenges me several times in a short amount of time. If I win I will play with you again once so that you get a fair chance too. If it is a draw, sure let's try again. Beyond that, challenge me 10 times in 10 minutes and I am declining almost all of them. - You win once and then challenge me 10 times cause you figure you can do it again. The only one I accept is the second one to give myself a chance to win this time. No matter the outcome of that one, I am out after that.


@storm, You are wise, considerate and very understanding person, I honour your values...


i feel if you had time to click the decline button you had time to do the challenge. What is the big deal if you lose the challenge anyway. You cant get better at a skill if you keep declining. Ipang, you need to relax man, why are you getting so mad., truth must hurt ibguess.


Ipang thank you for your kind words, but i'm far from being wise. it's just how life is. there "are" things which are beyond our control . we have to move along. but I understand tim too. this "decline" thing did build up and he had to release some of the steam to calm down :)