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Programmer disease?

What kind of disease are programmer suffered? Myopic eye because of to many spend time in front of computer.

3/31/2018 1:34:01 PM

🕋 🇮🇩Nurman

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Also post solution how to tackle this diseases ✌️👍 😎


Not being able to use Google, if I look at certain questions in this board.


carpal tunnel syndrom from bad typing practices. Back strain from sitting wrong. Blood clots from sitting too long.


Neck problems, mental health problems (stress / burnout). Not convinced about long-term eye problems though (no good science backing that up)


Awesome answers by HAPPY TO HELP. Mouse mat with gel support for wrist. Regular breaks (to reduce physical and mental stresses). Put Base of monitor at eye height, as this naturally encourages you to have better posture. Standing desks also good. Mental health is too complex to go into! But take your holidays, work hard / play hard / rest hard.


Wife always angry when programmer spend a whole day with computer is disease too 😁


Nurman 😂