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Machine learning

What is the basic module to learn Machine Learning with Python for beginner and advanced.


3/24/2018 7:16:29 AM

Rajesh Verma

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Check out the today's free ebook on ML with Python:


Don't forget that there's also a free code pack inside! Check out this thread here to learn how to get this e-book+codes for free and stay tuned for a daily update ;)


Very good question! I am curious, too!


I have learn Python basics,Numpy,Pandas,NLTK,Matplotlib,Scikit-learn.What i should learn more for deep learning?


Hi Rajesh Google have just released their internal ML course for free


Scikit-learn, but You must use numpy, scipy matplotlib and other modules


Download anaconda and start!(Dont forget to learn SQL)


There is a good book to learn machine language by A. Muller, S. Gvido


The most famous machine learning module for Python is actually Google's TensorFlow. The Keras API makes it a lot more user-friendly. Both are free to use. TensorFlow and Keras are the way to go according to one of my professors who's leading deep learning projects.


great book and resources thanks @kuba



Basic Module of Machine learning function, code, and functional library.


Did i pass now