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[SOLVED] Some help, please (python)

Hello, i want to make a basic input and range operation and i just can't do it! range 1 should be from 1 to 1000 and range 2 from 1001 to 2000. when user inputs 700 (example) print low, when he inputs 1700 print high. that's it. can't do it, driving me nuts any answer is appreciated

3/23/2018 9:11:46 AM


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1)first take a user input & store it in a variable .. a 2)if(a<=1000&& a>0) print "low" 3) else if (a>=1001 && a <2001) print "high"


It's a one-liner. print('low' if int(input('>')) <= 1000 else 'high')


it's like this, now working user_input = int(input()) if user_input <= 1000 and user_input > 0: print ("low") elif user_input >= 1001 and user_input < 2001: print("high") i've tried all this few hours ago but i've omitted that you have to specify what input you want, integer in this case. thanks for your help.


i've adapted to python like so, doesn't work. i've adapted wrong probably. user_input = input() if (user_input <= 1000 and user_input > 0): print ("low") elif (user_input >= 1001 and user_input < 2001): print("high")