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Java Project.

if anyone has a Java project?? can you please send to me ?? i have to do project for mid term test.. topics are... hospital management, school management, hospitality management, online reservation.......... etc but I have not any idea... if you have project guidelines, with java code please send me....

3/6/2018 7:51:40 PM

Dilhara Abeysinghe

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try code challenge section of Sololearn //after that u can go for this[see best marked answer]


@Don't Mess With Texas @Emile D @Farshaad Heydari @Vukan @Gaurav Agrawal @Rstar @Farshaad Heydari @Delete This Account @Mohammad Hosein Thanks a lot for all.... all of yours ideas are very important to me...


@M.....72 hi


@Jully Fredy I follow your code.. Thank you..


you can make an Android app something like chatting app , informative app , small game app or you could make a GUI like application on stock market etc


@Farshaad Heydari i know java basic theory... but i haven't more experience in java ...


@Rstar Thanks for your idea... but i want to example for follow ..


@M.....72 I'm soo sorry... it's a mistake... Thanks for your all answers..... i can't read your language.. what is this language??Any how nice letters... Is this Arabic??


what kind of project and why? you must give us some explanation...


@farshaad Thanks a lot my friend...


@Farshaad Heydari yes.. i know about that...


there is a big java project name creating chess engine in YouTube. you can download it do free.


What project? You can browse other people's code filtered by language.


if you have a very good level in java try to make a clock or simply a small 2d game.


at what level r u in Java (not just in this app)?


@Rstar good idea. but. don't know y s/ he is not answering. I wanted to send a project but i didn't know how experienced s/he is


you can try to build a java web project with springMVC+mybatis.


ok do you have an email so I can send it..... I don't know if it's useful for you. it's not a big project but it has a security bug (simple one) . you can check it out and maybe learn something from it


btw........ I've commented the whole code so you don't have troubles figuring out what is going on ..