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How does SoloLearn assign progress levels

I have the following levels: C++ = 4, HTML = 2 and JavaScript = 2. My overall level is 5 though.

11/28/2016 9:55:30 PM

Jacques Navarro

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By the amount of XP I think.


@TheCrazyCoder What do you mean by spend points? Do points mean XP? And what does spending mean?


I think it is how much experience you have in that specific language. For your overall level, it is just based off of your XP (which, I believe, only comes from challenges. Am I wrong, anyone?)


You can get hints on quizzes but use up points to do so.


im wondering the same thing, if it was based on points it would fluctuate too much when people spend their points, maybe it's based on how far you've gotten through your course or how many courses you complete.


My level is now 6. I think there are many point xp to rise up level.