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Plz share links to ur project?

If you are working on some open source personal project and it's on github plz share link to it. I think contributing to each others personal project would be nice for all of us who want to get started with open source. I am looking for c or c++ project but you can list your project even if it's not in c or c++ also plz note that i want to some personal or really small project which you are doing (not sometging like vlc, electron but more like something you are making to make your life easier).

2/24/2018 9:03:44 AM


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@kinshuk instead of this airline project i saw 2 more interesting project complex numbers and paint program.Looking forward to contribute to them in future. Have to increase my lvl of understanding for this. thnx.


r u in college or in school. i am in 9 th std living in dwarka

+3 This is my school project. Last altered 2 months ago. Didn't really help make my life easier or something, but I enjoyed making it, though it ain't that good. If you test it, and face any sort of bug, please let me know. Thank You.


kinshuk btw if u don't mind from where are you in delhi.


I live in South Delhi, near AIIMS.



@Shobhit I'm in 12th, so, still in school.