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SoloLearn search or Google search

When looking for content on SoloLearn, a few times that I tried, I get better results if I use Google instead of the SoloLearn search engine. When searching on Google I first type SoloLearn then my question. The results I get are typically more relevant as compared to the ones I get after using the SoloLearn search bar.

2/19/2018 3:59:29 AM

Red Hawks

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Jonathan nailed it. The search box is basically a tag matcher and works great only if the poster apply appropriate tags. Google is definitely the winner with wider search scope as long as the page was indexed.


You can send this feedback to Sololearn on [email protected] Thanks.


I did make the same experience! SoloLearn-search often does not display relevant results but google does.


This is a beginner-friendly programming-related application. Of course you're going to get more results through Google. It's the world's #1 search-engine (to my knowledge). SoloLearn and Google can't really be compared with accuracy. SoloLearn is a community-driven forum & lesson-based app, whereas Google is used to search & find things. They don't have mutual agendas. They have different goals. It's like comparing two sports by discussing the strategies used by the players within each sport rather than by discussing the ending-goal within each of the sports.


@Stellar fox I did that in the past,newly introduced lessson had a bug too which I reported and is 'fixed' but like @jonathan said problem is there..on google one can find almost anything done @ Sl..


Afaik, the search box here in [email protected] relies on 'relevant tags' that users add to their posts which are mostly inaccurate.