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is there a source code software that works offline on PC (Windows) like "Codenza" ??

2/9/2018 3:54:47 AM


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You should try your local book store. I'm not being sarcastic here, as you can find plenty of good books with examples in them depending what your looking for. Unfortunately I can't speak to any actual code school software that you could use offline as I've never bothered looking.


A lot of language tutorials can also be downloaded. Codenza could be run on PC with BlueStacks. I've never used either, but have seen many recommendations for both.


Each person gets the same 5 questions to answer within a limited timespan. The one with the most right answers wins.


C++ or web (Js,HTML,etc)


I mean Software that contain SourceCode/Code example like Codenza


hmm I've never thought of it, maybe I should download online eBook


[off-topic] this have nothing to do with my first question. but how does Challenge Mechanism on SoloLearn works ?


so does challenge work like a Quiz for two people ?


Thanks, I think I give it a try


haha I think I've just lost, back to studying I guess