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Free time tips

What are you do when not code? How do you relax? For me is best relax walk with dog at nature. I do some exercise to prevent upper back pain. I watch to few serials like Vikings, Gotham and of corse GoT.

2/4/2018 6:35:11 PM

David Vecek

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i listen to music on youtube or see random videos on math,phy problems


i play chess


I smoke weed


9 gag( warning it's highly addictive) the mobile app documentaries cleaning sketching blogging off course this are the good ones I ve few bad ones too, that I can't share😅


@Ujjwal Kumar just saw ur video, keep up the good work 👏 start learning good tools to make ur videos more interactive and study more materials for elaborate explanation , link ur answers with real life examples and relate with any ongoing experiments and studies, I hv seen that often for few common stuffs there's abundant videos in English but no content in regional languages so there again targeting a new territory. u ll be the best in you tube then😅, I wish I could do the same , but I ve still to find my passion




there's a massive shift in schools colleges and almost everywhere to study from online videos, the traditional classroom teaching with non - enthusiastic teachers is so bad compared to the videos.( good teachers excluded)


I relax by playing with my dog, hanging out with friends, or even just sleeping.


after programming I love science so much so I read physics and chemistry books . if I have more time than 2 or 3 hours then I publish my YouTube vidoes.😀😀


thanks for your instructions😀. I will surely follow your instructions after my final examination☺


osu! mostly


if you want to see my you tube video then see one of my latest it is not so much better 😓


@kumar your yt channel details. I love web surfing all time.