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Basics of computer

Hey guys, I'm a noob when it comes to the basics of computers and all the stuffs about it so I would like to learn about those;do u guys have any suggestions where I can get a free tutorial teaching the foundations and if possible even the advanced?

2/3/2018 6:08:58 PM

kisshore senthil

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Depends on how far back you want to go back. Do you want to go back as far as CERN or before? Do you want to go back to the early calculator / ten key? Do you want to go backwards to tube design or solid state? Do you want to explore algorithms from before Einstein ? Your query has so many variables that I'm in overload mode -


Well, specify the search! πŸ‘ Look up the area of technology you want to learn more about. Find a starting point.


You can try Google searching: "computer basics."


I tried that


if you want to go with programming then check out the Udacity's Intro to Programming course


Also be updated with the current technologies through internet and communities out there