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Why people follow me???


11/21/2016 4:39:05 PM

Kostya Mashkov

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This is also a mystery to me. I've got over 4,2K followers, mostly new users. I noticed that my profile appears on the list of users to follow just after you register in this app. But still don't know why I'm so popular on this list.


@wojciech Duda the reason i followed you is because of the 4.2k xD


I think your at top because of your level


doesn't matter how many followers you have , Your knowledge and the way you'll build your future with programming is the only significant matter here . see , I got into a successful company for web development but I don't have followers as you guy's have


Dunno. Maybe because of your public code haha)



people follow you because you are the right person... and that's why I'm now...


because of your level :)


hoew to follow ? sorry beginner here