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SoloLearn vs. other coding sites ???

Have you ever used other coding websites besides SoloLearn when you first started down this path? E.g. HackerRank, CodeCademy etc. 😋 If so, how would you rate them compared to SoloLearn? What do you think the advantages /disadvantages are for each of those? Are some better for learning, for practice, for community, or for job-search? Lastly, which is your absolute favourite if you had to pick one? 😁

1/21/2018 9:11:53 PM


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The additional benefit of SL - in contrast to w3schools - is that You can do challenges and You can use a forum for asking questions. On the other hand w3schools does present the topics more in detail, what I have seen, concerning the courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the only ones I did work through completely. It could be that there are courses in Python and PHP, too.


w3 school


the second after solo learn


@Davey Highflyer Thats great to hear! What is it about SoloLearn that appeals to you more?