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Adding questions for challenges

Dear moderators, tell me please who can adding questions for challenges? platinum members?

1/14/2018 6:21:12 PM

Aleksej Donchuk

8 Answers

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In the same menu as the challenges at the very bottom is where you will find quiz factory


now I reached gold but can adding only lessons and can't adding questions for challenges game


ok, thanks


Anyone can submit quiz questions via quiz factory. The community votes whether to accept the question or not, then Sololearn has a final say on whether a quiz is approved or not. There's also quiz moderators who have a more influential voice on whether quizzes are accepted or not.


Quiz and Lesson Factory are only available for android. For iOS or web is not available yet. Cheers!!!


Is the quiz factory accessible to everyone? All devices? I'm not seeing an option for it.


Thought so :/ thanks! @Red Hawks


no anyone can post questions in quiz factory i have also post some questions waiting for approved or declined