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Broken page within SoloLearn operator precedence page

Hi folks trying to look at this list within the sololearn app on mobile and it shows the sololearn document. However it didn’t load the actual list from python library or operator preference. I’m guessing we just refer to the python official documentation instead. Which is link below that works fine.

1/13/2018 9:27:08 PM


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hmm.. It's loading fine for me even when i disable Javascript. Describe your issue with more info in simple English, then maybe someone can help. About the link: the copyrights include the Python foundation "Copyright © 2001-2018 Python Software Foundation. All rights reserved." it's official Python documentation. Some tips to maximize your chances of receiving helpful answers


I checked the Python lesson of sololearn the link is working fine on the app. I suspect you are learning from the web. even then after logging in I was able to go to the operator precedence lesson which i had completed before. If you are still experiencing issues send a email to [email protected] or send a feedback from the app; describing your issue with steps to reproduce it where possible. They can help you further. // for your browser //works in the app but not in a web browser


Fab thank you I’ve checked it again and still not working just found the bug report part and filled it in. Thank you now I know where it is for future reference.


Hello I’m using the mobile app and the referenced operator precedence information is not loading for that section of the python tutorial. The official python page loads and looking at questions there are a few others with the same broken link to operator precedence. Questions and SoloLearn’s information all loads fine.