Getting Help from the Community: Simple Rules

Hey, I'm Lana. I love forums, and SoloLearn's Q&A Discussions is one of my absolute favorites. But I occasionally see people who have trouble getting help through the forum.
In order to get the most out of using a forum, you must first learn how to ask good questions. Here's what I’ve learned as a part of the SoloLearn community.

Weekly Roundup: Your Best Posts

Knowledge is having the right answer, intelligence is asking the right question!

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup of the hottest topics on SoloLearn’s Q&A forum. See what your peers are up to this week and join the discussions.

Weekly Roundup: Your Best Codes

Welcome to SoloLearn’s New Code Roundup, where we’re spotlighting the best new codes to go live in the Code Playground over the previous week or so.

With hundreds of new codes appearing in the Playground every week, keeping up with the coolest ones is always a challenge.

by Emma Rodriguez

How I didn't become a web developer in just one month!

Hey, I'm Emma, the first-ever coding reality show star!

A month ago, I got an offer to participate in an experiment on SoloLearn’s Public Chat on Viber. I had to learn web development using SoloLearn’s mobile classes and share my impressions with the chat followers.

Let your profile do the talking!

Learning to be a developer is one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Acquiring the programming skill itself can be hard work, but thankfully, nowadays the barriers are lower than ever, with a variety of resources available online and offline. The challenge is to go beyond learning to develop valuable, profitable skills and to back those up by establishing a reputation for trustworthiness. These attributes are equally important as you work to become successful.