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A Guide from Scratch to Learn Java

Java is one of the most widely used programming language around the globe. You might be thinking why you should learn Java? It is not only famous but easy to learn as a new beginner to coding. It provides easy to learn coding techniques.

One more important feature Java provides is the use of open source APIs to its developers. So, what does an open source API means? It means, top Java developers have given access to their APIs to all the developers interested to use their APIs in their application, free of cost.

The other most interesting featuring is learning networking in the best way from the scratch. Now-a-days, every web application uses networking and security features. The Java language provides easy technical coding ways to implement in a web application.

There are so many benefits of learning the language from the scratch. We will discuss it in the later sections.

Why learn Java?

Java is the most used programming language among the developers. It is used to write a vast variety of programs ranging from web to mobile apps. It is used to create efficient utility programs to gaming apps. In terms of learning the main features, it only takes up to a few weeks to master the main features of the language. 

Key concepts to master

For example, to learn some of the main features for the new beginners, it will include understanding the project architecture of a program, code reusability, networking, portability and security. These concepts take a few weeks to learn. 

Now let us discuss the above concepts. What is a project architecture in Java? It means how do a programmer completes a program. There are three parts, JDK, JRE and JVM. These are simple to understand. JDK stands for Java development kit, it involves all the classes and interfaces necessary to create a program. 

The JRE of the project stands for Java Runtime Environment. It is designed to communicate Java applications with the operating system the developer wishes to run on the operating system. The last part is called JVM, it stands for Java virtual machine. It actually contains all the components we discussed. The important concept to understand here is that it provides the mechanism of build once, run anywhere.  

So, what does it mean? It means that the Java program developed is always platform independent because of JVM. A Java developer can write a program in Java and he or she does not need to worry about multiple operating system platforms. For more advanced topics, the developers can make time and learn.

Now what is the code reusability of a Java program? As we discussed before, the Java professionals around the globe have provided open source APIs. A new developer can easily incorporate the desired API in his or her program.

The networking is also the main concept and it should be learnt by the newbies. It is useful when more than one device on a network is communicating to each other. There are so many APIs and concepts you can learn online.

The portability is the popular feature of this language. As we discussed before, a Java developer can write a program once and can run it on any hardware platform, thanks to the JVM technology this language provides. Finally, security is very much concerned feature by new clients these days. It is because the cybercrime is taking place globally and it is very difficult for the end users to share sensitive information over the network.

Effective Learning Process

To learn Java from scratch and in effective manner, it is important to know about the object-oriented programming fundamentals first. Because this language is completely based on these concepts. If a new developer is already handy on these concepts, then it makes it easy for him or her to principal the concepts of Java language.

Time management is always practiced in every aspect of life, especially when it comes in terms of learning a programming language. Try to manage your time and remain punctual. Try to sit and learn on the same part of the day, it will keep you more productive in the learning process.

One more important thing is to make use case for practicing small programs and to dry run. It will take less time and help you learn more concepts.

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Now let us discuss the expectation of job responsibilities as a Java developer. Luckily, a beginner Java professional is always offered handsome salary package in the beginning. If you groom yourself in this language technically, then you can get more responsibilities of program architectural job, with an increase of job salary. It all depends on you.

The more Java features you learn, the more responsibility and salary you will be offered. The best part of this language is that, it can be learnt by self. 

Effective Sources

There are so many free websites and materials a newbie can find on the internet to learn things. One on the top is w3schools. This website provides many features of the language and it provides a good example running workplace to experiment those features.

One more internet source which you can find useful is programiz. You can find the programming material from the beginner to advanced level. 

For Java intermediate, you can check our sololearn URL www.sololearn.com/learn/courses/java-intermediate.

To check the examples on the Java compiler, our website provides a free compiler. It can be accessed on the following URL https://www.sololearn.com/compiler-playground/java


Learning Java technology is one of the best choices among new developers. The reason is very simple. This programming language is one of the famous languages around the globe. The Java developers are offered better job opportunities along with handsome salary package. The reason is that the Java language provides advanced features with flexible coding practices. It provides a vast variety of open source APIs by Java professionals.

To learn this language from scratch, time management is the most effective way to start with. A newbie should cover the main concepts of the language and it is available from the internet from authentic websites.