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10 Reasons To Learn Python Right Now

Python is an awesome programming language for both beginners and experts. Day by day, developers are gaining interest in learning Python. And no wonder with its community support and amazing features, it’s a popular language. In simple words, it is an easy-to-learn yet powerful language. 

Still have the question “why learn Python?” Let’s explore more about Python and why you should start learning Python right away.

What is Python? A little About This Amazing Language

Python is one of the most popular programming languages among professionals and beginners. Python is a high-level language. That means that it is closer to human language and hides all the complexities of complex code. This also means that for beginners, Python will be easier to learn. On top of that, it supports different programming paradigms too. 

Unlike other object-oriented languages, Python lets you create a lot with less code. It has an easier-to-learn syntax for beginners. Also, it has amazing libraries to support the development as well as other processes.

Are you still wondering, “Is Python a good language to learn?” or “Why should I learn Python?” Here are our top reasons that can make you start learning Python today!

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Python

If you have read our previous blogs, you may be aware that we have a lot to say about Python. Yet, you might still be wondering why should you learn Python as a beginner or even as an expert. So why exactly is Python a good language to learn?

1.    One of the Fastest Growing Languages

Python has been one of the most popular programming languages for years now. According to Stack Overflow’s survey, most developers that don’t work with Python want to use it in the future…which explains a lot about the hype that Python has created in the developer community. Python is spreading like wildfire, and it has no plans of slowing down.

2.    Easy to Learn, Beginner-Friendly

Why learn Python? Mainly, due to its easy-to-learn syntax. The language is popular due to its syntax, both for beginners and experts. Since it uses simple English words, even new programmers can understand it. Also, it is an interpreted language. As an interpreted language, writing code and code execution become faster with Python. 

3.    Extensive Community Support

Before selecting a programming language, look for community support. Whenever you’re stuck on a bug or cannot find the right way to solve a problem, the programming community can help. These communities have expert developers that have solved many complex problems already. 

Fortunately, Python has amazing community support. These communities offer more than just FAQ pages for new programmers, including:

  • Online forums that can help you to connect with experienced Python developers. That’s why you can have a “support chat” with thousands of folks that may have solved the issue you’ve been trying to solve. This can also save you valuable time and effort in trying to solve problems on your own.
  • Many tutorials and documentation are already available on the internet for complex problems. All you’ve to do is search for the problem; many answers by expert Python developers will pop up.
  • Many Python communities organize local or digital meetups. These meetups are useful for both professional networking and meeting like-minded individuals.
  • Developers often share new trends, fixes, or tools through these communities. Thus, you can access the latest updates and innovations in Python from around the world. These communities are super helpful in learning about programming languages and trends.

4.    Powerful Language

Other than its ability to perform complex operations, Python is an adaptable language. What that means is that Python can adapt to different platforms like Windows, and macOS. Moreover, it is an adaptable language that can integrate with other programming languages. To summarize, it’s a versatile language that allows you to develop anything from games to apps, without any barriers. 

5.    Multiple Libraries and Open-Source Packages

Python is known for the amazing libraries and open-source packages it has to offer. They make many complex processes and development a ton easier. With Python, you can code less and develop more, and the library support only extends this feature. For example, these libraries allow you to draw charts or visualize data with just a few lines of code. That’s why you will be doing even less coding and will do wonders with it!

You can use these libraries to visualize data, analyze trends, and solve math problems. Some of the popular libraries include:

  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • NumPy 

Also, Python offers a robust array of packages through The Python Package Index (PyPI). You can use this open-sourced package library to find tools for Python projects. Hence, with the great support available, the answer to why learn Python only gets clearer.

Still thinking, is Python a good language to learn for you? Continue reading as we are just halfway through all the amazing reasons to learn Python.

6.    Amazing Career Advancement Opportunities

If there is a shortage of expert developers in a language, the job security and perks are great. For that reason, many developers look into the demand of any language before learning it. That’s why, if you want to know why you should learn Python, you want to know its future demand.

But, the good thing is that Python developers’ demand is on the rise due to its popularity. Thanks to the many fields that use Python, developers have many job opportunities. This also means that it is easier to get a great job after learning Python. Also, they can opt for a freelance/remote opportunity that needs Python as a skill. 

That’s why Python is a great choice for both beginners and experts and has amazing salary ranges. According to the popular job-finding site Indeed, the average salary of Python developers in the US is around $114,627.

7.    Top Companies Use Python

Python’s demand is spreading from the freelance world to the corporate world. The fact that companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon use Python says a lot. It’s a powerful programming language that even tech giants use for their products. In short, Python has corporate support, is in demand, and is beginner-friendly.

8.    Let’s You Build A lot of Cool Stuff

With Python, development is fun and easy. It lets you build a lot of cool stuff, without writing unnecessary lines of code. Though most people associate Python with Machine Learning, it is actually quite popular in the web development world too. Some popular Python frameworks and microframeworks for web development are Django and Pyramid. Other than that, these are the areas Python developers can experiment in:

  • Software Development – Developers often use Python for testing and management. They use it as a support language to control the build of the product, testing, compilation, and much more.
  •  Web Development – Web applications need to run seamlessly on both mobile and desktop. They need to be dynamic and interactive, making Python a perfect choice for web development.
  • Desktop GUIs – GUIs, or graphical user interfaces, are an ideal tool for new programmers. It provides audio/visual indicators with less learning curve. Python-powered GUIs are particularly popular for this purpose.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things is a rising technology. It refers to the link between machines and web controls. In simple words, when we program machines to be controlled with the web or apps, it is part of IoT. It is a rising technology with growing popularity. The applications range from automated robots to temperate control, and much more. Python is an excellent option for developing and operating IoT applications and systems.
  • Data Analysis – Python is a popular language for Scientific and mathematical computing. It lets you process complex data sets in little time.

9.    Popular Language in Data Science

Python is known for its relevance in the Data Science, AI, and Bigdata worlds. Data Scientists need some experience or expertise in Python, and for good reason. Python libraries make data analysis, refinement, and the visualization process easier. These libraries may include Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, and many more.

Also, libraries like PyTorch and TensorFlow are there to help with Machine Learning. But that’s not all, Python is helpful in managing a large amount of data thanks to libraries like Pyspark and Dask.

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