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Is it better to learn c# first than Java?

c# java progress sololearn self-learning
Reyniel Mark Escamillas

6/4/2020 3:25:40 PM

is learning Photoshop necessary for making 2D games in Unity?

c# games game unity gamedeveloper androidgames unity2d

6/2/2020 3:38:29 PM

Do i have to be good at math?

javascript c# c++ java c

5/31/2020 7:54:42 PM

C# IDictionary<char, int> -- How to increase value of int?

c# strings dictionaries int kvp update-value
William Owens

5/31/2020 2:00:53 PM


5/31/2020 1:08:13 AM

Where to use C# Skills? Pls help

c# android ios windows skills earning
M@l¡k AD££L

5/26/2020 6:36:37 AM