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any plan to make database specific course independently ?

there are database course in sololearn course like mysql, postgresql and mongodb is there any plan to have make database specific course independently ? e.g. - course mysql - course postgresql - course mongodb or even another new database course like redis, cassandra, sql server, etc thanks

4/10/2021 4:16:55 AM

Stifan Kristi

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Please mail sololearn about it [email protected]


Maybe you should ask on [email protected] that's the only way you could contact them


Are you suggesting that there should be a specific lesson for each database software? I had to ask cause you mentioned softwares. What if a new database software comes up?


will send an email to them the main idea is simple because sololearn has already provided it in two different courses : 1 SQL talk about mysql 2 Angular + NestJS part of it talk about postgre and mongodb the rest is just an idea, because some database like redis, etc is common used as a background too


Apart from the softwares, the ones you mentioned are basically divided into SQL and NoSQL. Knowing SQL basics we are left to study vendor specific stuffs, for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL etc implements SQL even though each has their specific additives. Maybe it's the same with NoSQL too, I barely know it just yet though.