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Is 71 too old to start coding?

I just started here on Sololearn, and I've always wanted to do coding especially since I'm retired now. I don't think as well as I used too, but I am a too old?

7/22/2019 4:08:10 PM

Top Notch

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Nope. As long as your up to it, go for it! See this post for more help:


You are not to old, I am 77 and loving it. Hang in there, it gets better each day.


Wow! You're 71... That's so cool🙂 you've seen more than most of us in life... Nope, coding doesn't restrict any age, just keep passion and write lots of codes😊


Thanks Green Ghost. I'll go for it!


Thank you everyone for the kind words, and helping me out. I decided to learn programming in Python, and some in HTML. It'll be a strech though multitasking 😂


I think it is actually very important for everyone, of all ages, to have some familiarity with coding. When you decide to invest time and effort into coding you are better equipped to take part in important decisions and conversations, since so much of our civilization is based on software. So, congrats and thank you for starting.


There are people older than 71 learning to code. I'd hang in there if I was you.


Remember age is just a number. I wish you all the very best Sir.😊☺



Nope. Anyone can code!


nop, I am 68 and have been code to make my living since I started colledge in 1969. It keeps you shrap and make you think logical about problems. good luck and enjoy coding


Age just means more wisdom. So you have lots, and are wiser than me, making it your opinion is better. Also, do what you want to do!


What do you mean "None" uzurpator?


Old is are valued to this coding world...welcome.


Nope. Everyone is welcome on Sololearn!


As long as you want to, yes, anyone can!


Anyone can learn!


I've met someone older who codes as a hobby. For sure you can then!


Unless you are too old to physically be able to code, nope, age does not matter in coding!


Never give up Top Notch I believe in you