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Learning Python3

I’m new to coding and I was told to start with Python3. Right now I’m using YouTube to learn how to code with Python3. Does anyone have any other suggestions on the best and easiest way to learn Python3?

3/6/2019 2:53:27 PM


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Here's a similar thread to help you out. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/821134/?ref=app Edit: I don't know if they're already mentioned in the thread but these are my favorites! https://pythonprogramming.net/ https://www.python-course.eu/ https://www.realpython.com/


There is no correct or best way to learn a language. If you look into a source, and you understand what's taught, and it's not too easy for you, and you find it interesting enough, just keep going. Just remember that the *most important part* is writing code with your own hands - as early and as much as possible!


Yes, keep reading the Python Sololearn's course as a 'get started' step. The comments are very often extremely useful.


freecodecamp, udemy if u got money


and use sololearn for a good start


Telusko helps a lot... I learned from his channel


whats your tragget? if you learn python you can learn hacking machine learning gamemaker and else