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Do I need a university for a web-specialist?

guys help me please! I'm 17 and I live in Russia! I finish the last grade(11) at school. I want to become a web-specialist ! In Russia there are no universities for web-specialist. :'''( Do I need higher education for web-specialist? I do not know what to do! Please help me! I will be glad if you give me any advice! Thanks! mmm... I'm sorry for the mistakes!

23rd Oct 2017, 3:21 PM
Arti Zechetto
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You have the internet, so you have access to all the knowledge (more) than any college does. Just start learning HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript/jQuery/NodeJS/SQL/AngularJs/React/etc... and you'll be more than well off in regard to web design. Trust me, for technology people like us, college is typically just paying someone to tell you to read a book, which you already know how to do. If you wanted to become a surgeon, then sure, it'll probably be a good idea to be trained in person by a professional. That doesn't apply to our field of study, so just go seek the resources and read them, then practice what you read.
23rd Oct 2017, 3:24 PM
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First off, never apologize to me about asking questions. Questions is a means of obtaining information and clarification; not asking questions is where the problem lies. Even if you're self-learning, that's education and obtaining further education, which makes you a more capable person. You don't need a fancy piece of paper pretending to represent your skills when you're a living person that can represent what you're capable of. Keep learning more and keep practicing. You'll become a great programmer and will be able to show potential employers what you're capable of. I don't have a degree or certs, but I've been working as a programmer for a major telecommunications company for the past decade. If you're able to communicate and properly represent yourself to a potential employer, you'll be able to show them what you're made of and get in there. Have confidence in yourself. Besides programming, take some time to learn communication skills and other things related to interviewing, as those will go a long way as well.
23rd Oct 2017, 3:41 PM
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Netkos Ent, Thanks, I really liked your thoughts! mmm... but if I study myself, can I work in companies without higher education?.... Sorry if I'm asking a lot :)
23rd Oct 2017, 3:35 PM
Arti Zechetto
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I think Netkos Ent is right and wrong. You can indeed use resources on the internet to learn anything you want. But high education gives you credibility. If you have finished a university, people believe you really can learn anything.
23rd Oct 2017, 3:57 PM
Paul - avatar
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no one asks lot... brother @ *ptyp*ptyp ☺😊😀😁 we all clear our doubts here..... each time
23rd Oct 2017, 3:50 PM
sayan chandra
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Netkos Ent, Thanks, I'm inspired, your words inspired me to learn even more!
23rd Oct 2017, 5:16 PM
Arti Zechetto
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