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Sololearn should check this.

I am doing my C programming and there is this string manipulation concept I am currently doing. I want to say that in C > strings & function pointer > string function : converting strings into number. Here, they have said that atoi(), atof() and atol() these functions belong to <stdio.h>, but what it should be is <stdlib.h> Correct me if I am wrong, but I guess these functions which I mentioned are from <stdlib.h> header file not <stdio.h>

3rd Apr 2021, 3:22 AM
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Notify them about this buddy, send an e-mail to so they can correct it 👍
3rd Apr 2021, 4:13 AM
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You are correct . They are all from stdlib.h.
3rd Apr 2021, 4:08 AM
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Hello! lpang I have sent them email for correction. Thanks for commenting and suggestion.
3rd Apr 2021, 9:14 AM
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