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I do. I rate 10 Python and 10 HTML daily. Recently, I downgrade a lot, though. The quality has dropped rapidly since we learned how big a prize is for Creator Master ;)
23rd Mar 2017, 9:17 PM
Kuba Siekierzyński
Kuba Siekierzyński - avatar
+ 31
well I do
23rd Mar 2017, 1:13 PM
Jobelle - avatar
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@Caleb Yes, I did 😂. thank you by the way
23rd Mar 2017, 1:31 PM
Jobelle - avatar
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The quizzes are rated by the sololearn users. If your question get the minimum amount of likes it gets approved else if it has a certain amount of dislikes it gets declined. So just try to submit interactive quizzes.
23rd Mar 2017, 1:17 PM
Rishabh Agrawal
Rishabh Agrawal - avatar
+ 3
I like to rate submissions every once in awhile :3. So many of them are sooo poorly written.
23rd Mar 2017, 3:02 PM
Rrestoring faith
Rrestoring faith - avatar
I'm a learner, so I don't rate submissions.
23rd Mar 2017, 1:59 PM
Prasannakumar naik
Prasannakumar naik - avatar