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Excuse me, I am having trouble with Boolean and The Function section. Can you help me to explain these things, please?

24th Nov 2018, 6:52 AM
Danh Nasa
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Hello, 😊 Please, if you want us to help you, then show us your attempt, what you don't understand exactly,  where you are struggling, it will be much easier!👍😉 Use the search bar! Please, read our guidelines: An useful code for any new user here!;)
24th Nov 2018, 9:26 AM
Danijel Ivanović
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Thanks! I do not know when I must use the “return” statement and the exact meaning of “x++” an “x—“ . Moreover, I do not know how to use the array and use it for what? Can you answer my question,please?
28th Nov 2018, 12:44 PM
Danh Nasa
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