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How to find image links

I was learning how to code images, but how would someone get an image link in the first place?

28th May 2024, 7:55 PM
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Let‚Äôs say you need some image related to some description. You need to Google your description. In the Google photos click to any photo. Now click on it again and select open in a new tab. Now you can see only this image and nothing else in the new tab. Copy the link and paste it into your website. <img src=‚Äú‚ÄĚ> That‚Äôs how you get the link to any url image.
30th May 2024, 1:01 PM
Kunskyi Maksym
Kunskyi Maksym - avatar
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An image tag you can use: <img src="" >
29th May 2024, 9:09 PM
Annihilate - avatar
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To test code with random images, I have just found this awesome site : it gives you links to photos of any size. Have fun with code !
30th May 2024, 6:51 PM
Jérome Dejaegher
Jérome Dejaegher - avatar
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imgur is a good choice. You have to copy the image FILE URL, though, not the share URL. This is much easier done on desktop.
28th May 2024, 8:12 PM
Wilbur Jaywright
Wilbur Jaywright - avatar
29th May 2024, 9:12 AM
Alhaaz - avatar
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Haha,, you are facing the same problem when I started learning & practicing the image tag. However, follow this: 1) click/tap on the image 2) then, click on "image preview" 3) Click on the right corner to open it fully 4) then copy that page's link
30th May 2024, 7:51 PM
Al Mahmud
Thank you for your answers everyone ūüôŹ
28th May 2024, 8:37 PM