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Can you please show me the fault?

#Lab 03: Functions, Modules and I/O #Exercise 01 #1.1 def surface_eval(x,y): import math a=math.sin(x) b=math.cos(y) z=(a ** 2)*b return z file1 = open('dataset1.txt','r') file2 = open("out.txt",'a') for line in file1: inp=list(line.split(',')) x = float(inp[0]) y = float(inp[1]) z = surface_eval(x,y) print('x: ','%.4f'%x,'y: ','%.4f'%y,'z: ','%.4f'%z) file2 .write(str(z)+'\n') file2.close() file1.close()

7th Aug 2021, 5:22 AM
Ushani Harshila
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Ushani Harshila , ‚Ė™Ôłéif the input file 'dataset1.txt' is existing in the correct folder (same as where code file is located), the program will create no error. i can not say if your calculation is correct, this is up to you to check. ‚Ė™Ôłéif you run the code multiple times, the output will be appended to the output file 'out.txt'. this means that the file content is increasing (repeated) with each code ecexecution this is the result: x: 10.0000 y: 3.0000 z: -0.2930 x: 7.0000 y: 6.0000 z: 0.4144 x: 9.0000 y: 4.0000 z: -0.1110
7th Aug 2021, 8:06 AM
Lothar - avatar
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Ushani Harshila , if you really have a problem, we need some more details from you: ‚Ė™Ôłégive a clear and complete description about your task ‚Ė™Ôłéif there are error messages please post them here ‚Ė™Ôłégive at least one sample with input data (content of the 2 files) and the expected output thanks for your understanding!
7th Aug 2021, 7:56 AM
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Provide a codebit to test and a requirements
7th Aug 2021, 6:53 AM
David Ord√°s
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