Explaining ‚Äú#‚ÄĚ

I thought when you put ‚Äú#‚ÄĚ in place of where an actual link goes, like this- <a href=‚Äú#‚ÄĚ> that it creates a dead link and is still clickable, but doesn‚Äôt load anything. However, in the last example I did the webpage was reactive and the tag that had <a href=‚Äú#‚ÄĚ> had an active link. I‚Äôm confused on how that is possible if the link is considered dead.

20th Mar 2019, 2:57 AM
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Basically # is used to create internal links. By internal links, I mean to link parts of same webpage in the webpage.
20th Mar 2019, 3:57 AM
Arushi Singhania
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thank you
20th Mar 2019, 8:36 PM