Armstrong number

How can I write code for I am armstrong number in Java. I have tried it but not get perfect results. So could you tell me please ­čÖĆ.

29th May 2024, 10:11 AM
­ŁŚú­ŁŚ«­Łśä­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ╗ ­ŁŚ×­Łśé­ŁŚ║­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ┐ ­čůč´ŞÄ­čůÜ´ŞÄ
­ŁŚú­ŁŚ«­Łśä­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ╗ ­ŁŚ×­Łśé­ŁŚ║­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ┐ ­čůč´ŞÄ­čůÜ´ŞÄ - avatar
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Hi Pawan, IÔÇÖd recommend breaking down the problem into smaller steps, maybe defining a function to check numbers in order to make this easier. IF the sum of EACH digit of number X raised to the SAME power is equal to X, then true.
29th May 2024, 10:32 AM
Kai Harrison
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Could you describe what do you mean under strong number and link your code, what you done do far?
29th May 2024, 10:42 AM
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