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Easy Challenges

Is there anyway to do easy challenges, I am new to python and just want to build up my understanding with more questions but all the changes are way too complex

15th Oct 2017, 11:53 PM
Cameron Cox
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Check out: codewars.com
16th Oct 2017, 12:03 AM
‚Ė≤TopGun ‚Ė≤
‚Ė≤TopGun ‚Ė≤ - avatar
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if you are really getting hard in challenge no worry what you loss you learn from your mistakes and that's the best way
16th Oct 2017, 12:40 AM
Iwin Clint
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The sololearn challenges section questions are easy
16th Oct 2017, 1:20 AM
ūüĎĎ Prometheus ūüáłūüá¨
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