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Equip your people with the latest coding, data and tech skills in 5-minute mobile lessons that fit perfectly into breaks, commutes and free time.
Lower hiring, onboarding and L&D costs with an engaging, rewarding and social learning experience.
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on the App Store and Google Play
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Grow your people 鈫 grow your business
Maximize on your investment into your employees. Upskill, reskill and close skill gaps in the in-demand skills that truly benefit your company!
Anticipate change
Stay competitive, innovative, and ride changing business priorities with ease when your workforce is equipped in skills like Python, AI, Angular, and more.
Make stronger decisions
When everyone in your company can understand, visualize, and analyze data effectively, you鈥檒l see better, data-driven decisions that bring direct results.
Demonstrate your ROI
Use your secure, custom dashboard to visualize your employees鈥 learning progress and their newly obtained skills, and distribute your budget for optimal ROI.
Why employees learn tech skills more effectively on Sololearn
Mobile lessons in under 5 mins
Don鈥檛 block your staff all day in training. Our 5-minute lessons can be done anytime, from anywhere, fitting perfectly into breaks, commutes, and other free time.
Innovative learning tech
Sololearn鈥檚 smooth and interactive drag-and-drop and fill-the-gaps interface makes learning as fast and friction-free as possible.
Learn by doing
Learners work with real code to solve real-life problems in practical, hands-on exercises proven to build competency faster than traditional theory-focused learning.
Strengthen team bonds
Teams have fun competing with each other and stay engaged, thanks to a social learning experience that strengthens your company culture.
Reward your employees
Course completion certificates and other celebrations of learning milestones keep your employees motivated, which has a positive impact on your staff retention rates.

Impact study:

Rewriting Futures for Glovo鈥檚 Couriers

鈥淲e introduced Sololearn to help couriers venture into coding. The response was overwhelming! What makes Sololearn鈥檚 educational content unique is the gamified experience that rewards couriers, and its bite-size content allowed couriers to utilize breaks and evenings to learn something new in just 3 minutes. Groups became a hub for sharing insights, clarifying doubts, and fostering a community where couriers supported and motivated each other. It was a testament to our strong sense of camaraderie.鈥
鈥 Christina Gama, Glovo
In June 2023, Glovo introduced Sololearn, getting an overwhelming response, with over 300 couriers from five different countries enrolling in the program and ready to dive into the world of coding head first.
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Grow your business with limitless learning for every employee
Bite-sized lessons staff actually apply in their roles
Interactive interface for fast, friction-free learning
Custom dashboard to see progress and acquired skills
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