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how to find my road or make myself a career?

recentlly I've finnished my pythone course,I was learning it for AI and micropython(for robotic) but now I understand that I like game development too and for joining entertaiment in the university I need c++ backgraund. I was plannig to have a youtube channele and teach people how to code in python but I don't know how to have youtube channele and youtube can I teach people python or how to find about youtube? anyway should I learn AI in python and micropython?how can I switch between python and c++?how to practise c++?

15th Jul 2022, 9:46 AM
zoha__ygh - avatar
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Yes , it is best for practice too ,as if you provide contents on YouTube & monteize your knowledge too, YouTube is not so hard just create content & upload on that with time you will improve your performance own self with experience....,& If you wanna to move on c++ then you can do c++ also on this platform,do practice more & take idea my youtube content, project which has been already made by someone but you try yourself..‚Ě£ÔłŹ‚Ě£ÔłŹ god bless you for your career ūüėä
15th Jul 2022, 9:55 AM
Chandan Kumar
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