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Challenging War on sololearn.

I start using sololearn last week and notice there is a war on sololearn. Guess what! of course....challenge section. Truth about this ques is..... it's just a fun game. It's not CCNA exam. Ques are proved by community. Ques are not HIGH PRO EXAM but it's fun. Isn't it? :-) We will not be SUPER programmers just by winning this little 5 ques. Some people take it SO SERIOUSLY. Why do you so serious? Feel with the ques....we are not enimies ...we are sololearn community.

8th Mar 2017, 10:44 AM
Nicholas Cureton
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Agree! I guess it's more the way to sharpen our minds, than to become a superior developer. Come on, let's just have fun with those quizzes :)
16th Mar 2017, 11:56 AM
Gina - avatar
Some people are experienced programmers on sololearn. Some are beginner like me. May be hobbiest to pro. Please clam down..... don't be angry for 5-Ques. I even challenged 7 years old kids for fun. Sometime I won. Sometime I lose. :-D I see so many talented beginners, professionals, hobbiest on sololearn. We are GREAT community. Why do we fight and angry each other by loosing funny game. We can make great things by sharing our knowledge. We can share our experience. So that....Please be angry for funny game....ok..
8th Mar 2017, 10:52 AM
Nicholas Cureton
Nicholas Cureton - avatar