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Installing java JDK SE??

I have installed java JDK SE 7 to my system(windows 10). wrote a programme in notepa++. please any tell me where to run it specifically. I tired of searching the compiler. Does it require Internet to compile ,?

18th Nov 2016, 8:30 PM
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To compile a java code you wrote, you have to use the javac command in terminal (or power shell in windows ) but he will not recognize the javac command unless you set up the path for the jdk. To do that go to : -Control panel -> System -> Advanced System settings -> Environment Variables. There you will find the path variable. Click on it then click edit and write in there the path for the jdk bin folder (usually is C:\ Program files \ Java \ jdk (something) \ bin ). If you already have something written in the path variable just put a ; after that and then write the jdk path. Then restart your computer and then powershell should recognize the jdk commands including javac
18th Nov 2016, 8:52 PM
Anitei Leonard
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