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HTML Module 3 Quiz

Translate course What’s this code missing for the user’s choices to be sent to the database? <form> <input type="radio" id="r1"> <label for="r1">Cash</label> <input type="radio" id="r2"> <label for="r2">Card</label> </form> HTML Select all correct answers. value attributes Submit button name attributes

16th May 2024, 8:07 AM
Div Anand
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Submit button, name attributes and value attributes all are needed to sent the data to the database.
16th May 2024, 9:28 AM
Gulshan Mahawar
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Can I have someone who can teach me
17th May 2024, 9:40 PM
PRIME ūüíĮ - avatar
It's missing a submit input
17th May 2024, 9:36 AM
Anyebe Peter