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Is python developer as bad as python intermediate? And are all intermediate courses that bad?

Hello, I would prefer this opinion from people who have either done both or at least are in the middle of python developer. I am near the end of my python intermediate course (2-3 lessons until the end). It is awful, I didn't understand anything and 90% of questions were trick ones. It's not just me, everyone who has done this course agrees. They just introduce stuff and go on their way, at this point I'm just using chatgpt for the degree. And just for me to know in advance. Are all intermediate courses this bad? I mean I'm a loyal sololearner, I have a lot courses to complete here, and I will finish them all, but please tell me on what courses I shouldn't waste my time(and which I should prioritize). That's all, thank you. Edit: So I am very confused right now, because the course I am doing seems to have changed in comparison to one I found online , I'm currently at and it doesn't even resemble my course. The course this youtuber does is way more understandable. Mine has only a few words of explanations while theirs has essays on topics. They seem to have changed the course from 3 months ago. Is there a way for me to do the old course? The "new" one is awful.

20th Apr 2024, 7:40 PM
ūĚôłūĚöčūĚöéūĚöēūĚöíūĚöóūĚöä ūĚôĽūĚöéūĚöė
ūĚôłūĚöčūĚöéūĚöēūĚöíūĚöóūĚöä ūĚôĽūĚöéūĚöė - avatar
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I'm actually redoing courses. I believe constructive feedback is crucial for SoloLearn's continuous improvement. Instead of simply labeling aspects as "bad," providing specific details about areas that require clarification or enhancement can contribute to meaningful progress. SoloLearn actively listens to user feedback and revamps courses accordingly, although this process takes time. For those struggling to grasp certain concepts, offering detailed explanations about the points of confusion is more beneficial than merely stating "I don't understand." And providing answers with out explaination don't help anyone.Learning to code is like acquiring a new language, and some concepts may require multiple explanations to fully comprehend. This is why supplementing SoloLearn with additional resources is recommended. SoloLearn excels at introducing coding concepts, but for in-depth, comprehensive explanations, dedicated documentation for each programming language might be a more suitable resource.
20th Apr 2024, 9:20 PM
Chris Coder
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If you're dissatisfied with the courses, you can reach out to SoloLearn at By providing your grievances and offering suggestions, you can potentially help improve the platform.
20th Apr 2024, 8:17 PM
Chris Coder
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Hi Ibelina, I found Python Developer to be easier to follow than the Intermidiate one. Many questions are the same but the developer one starts from the basics and builds up. Some intermidiate courses are simple, like the SQL one. Some others like the javascript one are poorly written, with little example or practice.
20th Apr 2024, 11:45 PM
Matteo G
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Personally, I found the Intermediate courses are mediocre. Some of them have a questionable course structure, such as a harder topic come before an easier topic. Also, lack of detail is quite often. While some of the explanation is relatively easy to understand, it is best to consult external sources to help your study.
21st Apr 2024, 8:07 AM
Wong Hei Ming
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There is nothing much I can say here beacuse this question already got valid answers. But still I will add some other points here : -> Intermediate or other course's aren't bad upgraded new course's are designed for beginners. -> If you got any confusion then you can check comments. -> Any lesson content waise if it's need more explanation or suggestion then you can send email to sololearn. At last it's give and take policy sololearn provide user course to learn and it helps in skill development then community helps sololearn to create learning environment also provide their feedback that will be a great help for sololearn team.
21st Apr 2024, 11:40 AM
Rūüí†ūüáģūüá≥ - avatar
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ūĚôłūĚöčūĚöéūĚöēūĚöíūĚöóūĚöä ūĚôĽūĚöéūĚöė I‚Äôm not saying you're wrong about the courses; I just have a philosophy on how to enhance the learning experience with the limited data provided, or rather, how not to feel annoyed with the content. There is room for improvement; I simply use sololearn as a guide. I enjoy the community-driven experiences.
20th Apr 2024, 11:56 PM
Chris Coder
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