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Networking - Subnet Mask

Hello, I have 2 things that I need a clarification about: 1. if the subnet mask has more 0's (meaning more hosts), why are there less networks? I dont understand the "subneting" to smaller networks and the involving of subnet mask in it... 2. as known, by knowing the subnet mask you can calculate the amount of possible hosts on the network. From the latter calculation we subtract 2 hosts, because one belongs to the "broadcast address" (, and the other to the "network address". please explain to me what's a "network address". Thanks

28th Jul 2022, 8:29 PM
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A network address is the address that tells you what network it's in. A simple home network would for instance have the private ip address of 192.168.1.X. The 'X' is for hosts, the first address in a network is the network address ( The broadcast address is the last address ( The router is usually the first "real" address ( And the rest are available to hosts! Look through this code i made: This code actually gives all the info you will need to subnet. I actually made it a python module for anyone to work with. Just run: pip install watts-net-math on your terminal
29th Jul 2022, 1:57 AM
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