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Too nervous to crack an interview for a website development job.

I have been learning website development on my own. But as I go to face any job interview, I get nervous. The interviewer easily reads that anxiousness on my face. They put up questions in website development which I can't answer confidently. They also ask too many difficult questions to which I make a blank face. I am too nervous to crack an interview.

6th Oct 2017, 4:21 AM
Abhishek Kumar Singh
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aks, write down some questions and practice with a friend. if you have knowledge, the rest is practice also.
6th Oct 2017, 10:28 AM
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It's perfectly normal to feel nervous on facing a job interview as most of us would expect a positive result, yet we worry for the negative point (not getting hired). It's funny how we tend to forget things under a stressing or uncertain situation, I guess if only we can control our fear and worries we might just be able to answer the questions given. It is possible that the tension made you forget, or unable to think through the question, rather than lack of technical skill. Maybe we could do something about it, for example, to keep our body fit and our mind clear, get enough rest the night before the D-Day. If you're too nervous that you can't sleep, take a pill to help you with, do not habit yourself on this though, just one pill to get you through the night. Have enough fluid supply for your body to stay calm, dehydration or lack of fluid does have impact on our overall performance, if it's possible bring your own bottle of water, anytime you begin to feel nervous take a seep, it need not sweetened pure water will be fine. And, don't forget that there's a power above all, so don't forget to pray, we're only human, we're not perfect, though neither is the interviewer, don't let yourself feel inferior to them. When you feel nervous take a deep breath, force yourself a smile, and tell yourself "Hey I can do this!". Best of luck on your next interview mate :)
6th Oct 2017, 8:52 AM